Untrackable error - "]" instead of ")"

Dear folks,

just created a new style, which works perfectly fine. You can find the preliminary version here: https://github.com/MaPeras/MMR-Code/blob/main/MMR.csl

Only when a subsequent citation should be rendered like that:

Schütz, (o. Fußn. 11), S. 4.

It is displayed like that:

Schütz, (o. Fußn. 11], Rn. 4.

There is no "]" in the csl-data and I really dont know how to debug this. I am using Libre Office on Linux Ubuntu. There is no "]" in the zotero reference fields.

I was building upon another style I created - http://www.zotero.org/styles/juristischer-zitierweise-offentliches-recht - with that the above mentioned citation would look like

Schütz, [Fn. 11], Rn. 4.

Is the old code somehow cached somewhere or included via the href link? If so, how could I change it?

Thanks a lot for some hints!

  • <text value="o. Fußn." prefix=" ("/>
    <text variable="first-reference-note-number" form="short" prefix=" " suffix="),"/>

    Don't do this: you should use opening and closing parentheses on the same element (which could, in this case, just be a prefix, in other circumstances a group with prefix="(" suffix=")"

  • Thanks a lot, that solved the problem!
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