Call number sorting

First, thanks to all who helped me get started on this library cataloguing project. I've been happily generating entries from ISBM, SBN or manually and assigning Dewey call numbers.

However, the sort order looks a little funny! Examples:
005.1 005.2 005.4 005.7 005.13/ADA ... and later:
621.9 621.37 621.42 621.092 621.381 ... or:
942.05 642.5 642.05 ... 942.07 942.8 942.009
It looks as though the sort algorithm is ignoring embedded zeros, though that doesn't explain the first line. For each of the numbers above there are several books which correctly collate together, just that the resultant groups are in the wrong order.

Not a major issue at the moment, but certainly a minor niggle.
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