Persistent issue with unlinked ref in Google Docs

I have a weird persistent issue where Zotero thinks there is an unlinked reference in my document, but it doesn't indicate where. The unlinked text says:

These citations have become unlinked from Zotero. You will need to relink them before they will update or appear in your bibliography.


If I click on either of the brackets, each bracket in the document is examined, but I am never given the opportunity to relink anything (compared to when a full reference gets unlinked). Going through the file takes a good five mins.

If I copy/paste the text into another google doc the unlinked icon does not show, BUT I don't want to do that as I have multiple unresolved comments in the google doc, and also several people have read access to the link.

This is a minor annoyance in the scheme of things, but for neatness I'd like to resolve those errors!

Suggestions welcome, thanks in advance.
  • Can you make a copy of the document (via the File menu) and reduce the document to a small snippet where the issue is still reproduced, then share that with
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