Retrieving metadata from given websites

Hi all,

Recently I'm reorganizing my papers with zotero, whereas using folders/labels before.

Each of my paper PDF files is named by the title. When I choose "Retrieve metadata for PDF", sometimes zotero returns information from However, I'd rather metadata data engaged with the conference for published papers instead.

So is there any way to give a higher priority for some specific source of retrieving metadata? Many thanks!

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    It depends on what information is available in the PDF. Can you provide a link to a specific PDF that didn't do what you want? (You can also email to with a link to this thread if that's not possible.)
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    Hi, thanks for your reply!

    Here is a case that I tested:

    The paper title is: Energy and Policy Considerations for Deep Learning in NLP.
    I downloaded the PDF file through this link:
    And this paper is also published at ACL Anthology:

    Zotero retrieved the metadata from arXiv link, but I'd rather that from ACL Anthology. So is this limited by the metadata from the file I downloaded?

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