Bluebook not working

I am trying to use "Blue Book Law review" and every time I get the message: "error updating your document". tried with both available so also "blue book law review (2)".

Is someone using Blue Book? What needs to be done to get it work?

Thank you!
  • A few things:

    1. There is only one bluebook law review style. You should delete the duplicate.
    2. Try deleting the bibliography and reinserting it. Otherwise, see
    3. Zotero has only limited support for legal citation. If you want to follow all of Bluebook’s complex citation rules, you should install Jurism, a version of Zotero with much expanded legal citation support, and use its Indigo Book style
  • thank you! can I please ask you:
    - how do I safely transfer my library from Zotero to Jurism?
    - is there a Jurism connector for word, similar with the one for Zotero?
    thanks again for your help!
  • Juris-m works in Word with the same Word integration as Zotero. Juris-m will automatically transfer your Zotero library as you install it. Make sure you have a back-up of the Zotero data folder, though.

    (@bwiernik -- there are currently two Bluebook styles on the repository, so that's not an error)
  • thanks! any advice if it did not transfer it automatically? :)
  • They're sync-compatible, so you'd be able to sync Zotero and then sync juris-m (with the same account info - it just uses the Zotero server) to get the data.
  • I hope this is the last question... should I uninstall the zotero app now so I can only use Juris-M?
    Now when I am trying to save a citation using the chrome plug in I'm being told that "Zotero is not open". It seems that I need to close Juris-M before opening Zotero again.
    If I choose to open Zotero, I can save the citation using the chrome plug in but then I cannot use it in word of course because Zotero cannot use Indigo.

    Is there any way for me to "replace" the initial Zotero plug in for chrome with the Juris M plug in?
    thanks again for your support.
  • I'm not 100% sure, but I think currently the juris-m connector (which works exactly like the Zotero one) is only available for Firefox, see
    I think Frank is planning to port the Chrome one, as well, but dealing with Google's play store is more elaborate, so if you want to work with Chrome, I think saving to Zotero and syncing up & down might actually be the only way
  • thanks for all the help!
  • - The connector is available for Chrome too.
    - Switching from Zotero to Juris-M _without_ synchronization might break things, I had two people run into trouble. For the time being I definitely recommend activating synchronization before switching.
    - Both programs can live side by side but you'd need the connectors for both installed in the browser. The word plugin after installing that from Juris-M will work just fine with both.
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