Zotero not working with Mac OS 11.3

I just upgraded to Mac OS Big Sur 11.3. Zotero has stopped working!
  • Could you say more? What's not working more specifically?
  • Well, it wasn't starting up. Then I downloaded and installed Zotero-5.0.97-beta.18+1eb888d02. Now it is working fine.
  • To be clear, both the release version and the beta are fully compatible with Big Sur.
  • Well, in my case, after updating the OS to the latest version (Big Sur 11.3, which came out just two days back), Zotero wasn't launching at all. In the dock, there was a dot under the icon, indicating that the app is open, but it just wouldn't work. I did force quit three times. Then I downloaded and installed the beta. That worked.
  • That just sounds like an unrelated problem on your system. We'd have been happy to debug that, but it has nothing to do with Big Sur, unless you were using an old version of Zotero from before Big Sur came out. Zotero has been fully compatible with Big Sur since last year.

    If you're happy using the beta, that's fine, but we don't want people to think that there's any need to use the beta for Big Sur compatibility.
  • That's an important point. Maybe it was just something specific to my laptop.
  • The version that did not work was installed from Zotero- Once again, might be an issue on my system as dstillman pointed out
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