Journal name not updating

I changed the journal names of 5 of my references on word and they are not updating when the previous ones updated. I erased the bibliography and put it back, did not help. Refresh, did not help. Put abbreviated and went back to normal, did not help. Erased the reference and put the new one: did not help. Edit bibliography...

What could I do?
I do not want to redo all. I know it is only 5 references, but I have another file with 350...
  • Are you saying that you changed the journal's abbreviation within Zotero or within Word?

    Have a look at this:
  • I changed the journal name in Zotero, and put in the name the abbreviation directly. For the majority of my references, upon updating the dots were removed. I found on the forum that it was because abbreviation was ticked so I unticked it, and upon refreshing, the journal names were appearing as entered. But for the last references I added, I cited them in the doc file before changing the journal name in zotero and now updating foes not take my zotero change into account. When I put back abbreviations, the titles appeared without the dots, but after unticking abbreviations, they went back to their full version without taking into account the zotero change.
  • If you want to use the abbreviation you’ve entered in Zotero rather than the automatically generated abbreviations based on the MEDLINE list, be sure to uncheck the box in the Document Preferences window in the Zotero tab in word
  • I unchecked the abbreviation box in the Document Preferences but it did not change anything. Some references do not update at all. What could I do?
  • Can you switch to a different citation style and back?
    Can you try in a new document with the problem citations? If that gives you a correct results try deleting those references in your original document and inserting them again from your library.
  • Did we ever establish which citation style we're talking about?
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