Pinned/Starred collections

I'd find it useful if I was able to pin/star some collections and subcollections, so they show up at the top of the tree, for example.

For those of us who have a lot of collections and subcollections, I think having the option to have some of them easily accessible without having to break the main organization/hierarchy would make it easier
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    As I have a very extended tree of hierarchically organized folders/collections, it would be practical to be able to (temporarily) pin certain folders/collection to the top on the collection-list (for example with a "pinned collections"-section on top).

    The underlying reason for this request is that it becomes cumbersome to (i) search for items in the full library and (ii) move or copy items between collections without having to open/close certain parent collections and scroll through the whole list. Being able to temporarily pin 'working collections' at a certain moment in time would help to organize items more efficiently.
  • One workaround is to "Rename" the collection/subcollection and use a special character as the first letter.
    Names beginning with an underscore character (_) sort higher than names beginning with a caret (^). I'm assuming you can just as easily "rename" and remove the special character.
    One could easily take this to an extreme, however!
  • I would also love to have this feature! The solution suggested by Henry_Taylor is unfortunately only viable in cases where the folder hierarchy is flat and where this is the case, I already use the underscore (_) to do that. Being able to actually pin collections would be really useful. I don't know exactly how to do it, but I imagine it wouldn't even be very difficult to implement this.
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