Any way to change default item sort order?

When I click the column header in the item pane to sort by date modified, it defaults to sort earliest-to-latest. Is there a way to change that default?
  • I assume you know you can just click the column a second time?

    All columns default to ascending on first click — e.g., Title sorts A-Z. I do think that nearly everyone wants descending for Date Added and Date Modified, so we could consider starting with those on first click if we thought the extra click was worse than the inconsistency.
  • Yes, I know you can click on the column a second time, I just figured after double-clicking for many years, I would ask if it was avoidable.

    I agree that nearly everyone wants descending for Date Add and Date Modified. Maybe if someone comments that they are bothered by the inconsistency it is worth considering, but I suspect that the change would be welcomed.
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