Style Request: Author (Year) Footnote


I'm looking for a citation style similar to the Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (author-date in footnotes).

Footnote citation should look as followed:
Hassan/ Shiu/ Shaw (2016), p. 231.

So it is similar to the Chicago Style but with the year in parentheses and the abbreviation for page. Additionally, my guidelines specify that three authors should be written out and that from 4 authors onwards the abbreviation is et al.

It would be great if you can help me!
  • What is this for? Pretty sure this exactly doesn't exist.
  • It is for my master thesis. Is there any way to customize existing citation styles?

    Here is an excerpt from the official guideline:

    We recommend that you include short references in a footnote according to the following scheme: Cf. author(s) (year), citation location.
    Example: Cf. Schewe (1994), p. 1012 ff. or: Cf. Schewe (1994a), p. 1012 ff.


    - If several publications with the same year of publication are used by one author, the sources are distinguished by the letters a, b, etc. after the year. (cf. example above)
    - If several pages of a source are referred to, the first page is listed, followed by "f." for another page or "ff." for several following pages.
    - If more than one source is referenced to a statement, only one footnote is made. In other words: Several sources can be mentioned in one footnote. (Multiple sources are separated by semicolons).
    - If the number of authors exceeds the number of three, only the first author is written out and the suffix "et al. is added. (et al. is Latin and the abbreviation for "et alii" (masculine), "et aliae" (feminine) or "et alia" (neuter and corresponds to the German abbreviation "u. a." ("and others")). For example, if a source was written by the authors Maier, Müller, Schulze and Kunze in 2014, it is cited as "Maier et al. (2014)".
  • Hello, I believe I am looking for something similar. I would like the citations to be placed in footnotes or endnotes and look like this: Bridges (2014). With page number: Bridges (2014, p. 3). In other words, the citation style would be International Organization, but with added parentheses.
  • You should find something like that using this tool:

    (don't put the "p. 3" into that tool as it cannot search for that.
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