Zotero Chrome Extension Preventing Squarespace Sites from Displaying Properly

Hey all,

I've been having a lot of issues with Chrome not displaying websites built with Squarespace properly. I've finally tracked down the issue to be the Zotero Extension. Disabling the extension allows the site to display correctly. I'm using the latest version of Chrome (90.0.4430.93) and what I think is the latest version of Zotero Connector for Chrome (5.0.84). I hope someone from Zotero will read this and fix the issue.


  • If you re-enable the Zotero Connector, does the problem recur? Can you reproduce this is you disable all extensions other than the Zotero Connector? What's an example URL, and how is it not displaying properly?
  • Yes, when I re-enabled the Zotero Connector, the problem re-occurred. Then I removed the extension and reinstalled it. It seems to be working now even though it's the same version. Perhaps it was somehow corrupted. Thanks for the quick reply. If it acts up again, I'll let you know. :-)
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