NEED HELP: Cant get any citations to work


I have encountered a persistent problem with inserting citations into Microsoft Word 365 on Mac. After a few citation, I get an error (1802608100). This is persistent problem across all of my documents. The only way I can insert a citation is if I copy and paste and previous citation and then change it.

Please help! It is slowly my progress down considerably.
  • Here is the debug id: D1917647132
  • What's the full, exact version of Word?

    Does this happen in a new, empty document?

    Have you tried restarting your computer?
  • @mevers if you can reproduce the issue in a small sample document please send it to with a link to this thread.
  • @dstillman Microsoft Word for Mac Version 16.48

    I can add citations in a new document. It seems to occur as I'm writing. I wonder if there's a bug with one of the citations, but I dont know how to tell.

    Yeah, I tried restarting. Didn't work.

    @adomasven Can I send the document that I'm working with now? It is about 4,000 words...
  • Yes, you can send it.
  • @mavers Can you produce a smaller version of the document where you can reproduce the problem? Please mark the location where the insertion fails in the document and make sure that it fails regardless of the item you choose to insert.
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