iOS: file syncs to cloud but not to the PC

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I added an item on the phone, and it is in the cloud, however it does not download to the pc, where only the item exists but not the pdf. The key I think is that this is a PDF item, not a "paper" zotero item.

Here it is on the cloud:

Which brings me to a second question: is the "retrieve metadata" option going to be available on the iOS version? It is one the things I rely on a lot in precisely the situations in which I use the mobile version (e.g., during seminars and the like).


  • Can you provide a Debug ID for trying to open the file in the desktop version?
  • Here it is: D817752241
  • It looks like you have file sync disabled for that library.
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    Everything synced fine so far for the files I added on iOS as far as I noticed. And I haven't changed this setting on purpose. Where do I turn this on?

    So if file sync is disabled it syncs to the cloud but not to other devices?
  • I’m talking about the file sync setting in the preferences of desktop Zotero.
  • The checkbox is indeed not checked, but now I don't understand how all the files are on the cloud. They all came from the desktop. I checked the box, and hopefully the file will make its way down.
  • Thanks, the file came through. Not sure what happened.

    Back to my second question: will the retrieve metadata be available on the iOS version?
  • It may be at some point, but not for a while at least.

    As on the desktop, when possible, you should save from article pages, from which the app will save both high-quality metadata and PDFs, rather than saving PDFs directly.
  • Of course, but that's not always possible.

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