Find the pdf quiclky

Hello I am using zotero and I am just discovering the power of the file .ris to harvest enterely a list of articles quicly.

Then what could be magicle is to get the possibility to dl directly the pdf from the parent item. I see there is the possibility to click on dind available pdf but this is not working.
  • Find Available PDF is exactly what's designed for this. It works best when you're directly connected to a network that gives you access to paywalled materials (i.e. directly on a university campus or connected via a genuine VPN)
  • Ok thx from your answer , so I need to connect my folder to a database? What about ebscohost ?

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    No, not to a database. You need to be able to access the PDF from your current internet connection without further authentication. If that's the case, there's a good chance (though no guarantee) Zotero will find it. If not, Zotero won't.
  • Hi--piggy backing on the original poster's question, I've been told by our library's IT staff that using our university's VPN will NOT improve PDF retrieval because of something called "split tunnelling". In their words, "The VPN uses “split tunneling” – when it sees the user is not going to a Cornell IP it routes the network traffic off the VPN." Does that sound right? Thanks, Jim
  • @jpk15: It really just depends what the purpose of the VPN is. From your description, it sounds like it's for accessing protected resources hosted on campus, in which case it wouldn't help you access remote files. If logging into the VPN gives you access to PDFs in your browser, Zotero would be able to download files via Find Available PDFs as well. If not, it wouldn't.

    If your library provides a separate system to access gated remote resources (e.g., a web-based proxy that you log into in your browser), that won't help with Find Available PDFs (but the Zotero Connector will be able to save attached files when you save normally from the browser).
  • I'm also piggybacking on this thread. I connect to my university's VPN and I can access pdf files in the browser. However, Zotero can't find the pdf via "Find Available PDF". What can I do?
  • @a.zaresani: Same answer as above. If it's a direct VPN connection and you can view the PDF on the publisher site without any authentication in any browser, Zotero should be able to download it via Find Available PDF. If not — e.g., if you need to log in to something in your browser first — then it won't be able to.

    If you provide a Debug ID for an attempt to use Find Available PDF, we may be able to tell you more what's happening.
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