Dark Theme is difficult to use

edited 21 days ago
Does Zotero inherit the theme from the system?

I find that there are various small visual glitches when using a dark theme, that render Zotero difficult to use

For example, when there are tabs in a dialog, there is not much separation between one tag header and the other.

Or, in the "Info" section of an item, the "Item Type" is black (while the rest is white)
  • Hello,

    the dark theme doesn't work out for me.

    How can I set the light theme in Zotero?
  • This is how the "Item Type" is displayed

  • A few patches have been submitted on GitHub for various issues with dark themes on Linux, and those will likely be merged soon, but we don't currently officially support any sort of dark mode.
  • Yessss. Just tried to get it out of dark mode and there’s no option. It’s making my eyes all buggy.
  • @MelissaRMattner: Not sure what you're referring to here, but if you're talking about Linux, the solution would be to use a light theme until some of the issues in Zotero with dark themes have been resolved.
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