feature request: easily marking references

I would like to request a feature or, possibly, have someone explaining to me how I could perform this task.
I create a new collection when I write an article. Then, when I edit the article, I add some references and remove some. Then, when I review the final article I do the following: I read the article and every time I encounter a reference I go on zotero to check whether it is there or not. However, by doing this, I cannot see which references are in the collection and not anymore into the text, i.e. those that I have removed since the first draft. I would like to have a column in zotero - e.g. next to the title or movable - where, while reviewing the article I can easily put a mark so that, at the end of the revision, I know that all the marked article (for example, with a little star, red dot, or something) are those that are still in the article.

I tried to use the tagging system but it is not suited for this.

I searched for this feature but I did not find it, but perhaps is there already... Please, let me know.
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