Integration with "Stop Predatory Journals" for alerts

I was wondering if it would be possible to have an integration with the website "Stop Predatory Journals" ( for alerts, similar to what is already done (wonderfully) with Retraction Watch.

This way, if a user adds an article from a journal listed in the database of "Stop Predatory Journals", an alert would be displayed.
  • Beall's list, on which this is based, was rightfully very controversial; Zotero shouldn't get into this business. Researchers should instead
    (That particular list also hasn't been updated in 3 years with multiple requests to add and remove journals and publishers piling up in its issues on github).
  • I actually found the website through Retraction Watch. I think there's some things there which are hardly controversial (like the hijacked list). However, I didn't know it wasn't updated for so long. Sorry about that.

    Also, thank you for the, I didn't know it, but it seems very useful.
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    Among the tragedies that are part of his issue is the fact that many very worthwhile articles are published along with the garbage. ~Would a major publisher accept an article concerning an unsuccessful engineering approach to traffic safety in Uruguay even if it was well-written? How about a study concerning remediation of playground equipment in 3 of China's provinces? Pre- post-law evaluation of alcohol-impaired driver _arrests_ in Senegal (arrests actually declined the first two years then rose to exceed the number before the laws were passed)? Well-conducted evaluations that demonstrate intervention failure?

    As deplorable companies, these predators are near the top of the list but, in addition to the falsified "research", imaginary peer review of articles with unintelligible English prose, and rampant plagiarism, important information is published that otherwise wouldn't become available.

    fixed missing word: 'driver'
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