Lack of consistence adding preprints

edited April 25, 2021
If a medrxiv/biorxiv preprint is added by doi it is saved as a report with Report type: preprint.

If an arxiv preprint is added by arxiv ID, it is saved as a journal article.

Shouldn't them be saved with the same type?

  • The arxiv translators have not been updated in many years because the current approach meets the needs of fields who most commonly cite arxiv. They will be updated in the future.

    All of them should be imported as any item type with "Type: article" in Extra.
  • yeah, I've just not bothered updating the import from various preprint servers while things were in flux in terms of data model and item types. It's probably time to do this.
  • The problem with using "Report" type for preprints is that it does not keep the doi -- only if it is imported as a journal article does the doi get saved. Please add doi to the "Report" fields -- I find myself having to change to type "Journal Article" to perserve the doi.
  • DOI: in extra works for citations. We'll get a preprint item type and DOI added to all item types, but in the meantime that'll just work
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