Cochrane Plain Language Summaries Translator

Is it possible to have a translator for Zotero to recognize Cochrane Plain Language Summary pages and automatically get the metadata and pdf?

Like this one:

Right now, this is recognized as a generic webpage, and doesn't get the review authors, date, nor the PDF.

If I go to the full review page on Cochrane Library (in this case: it does get properly recognized as a Journal Article and extracts the correct information, but only gets the Full-Text PDF (anywhere from +100 to +400 pages) and only if it is open-access.

Most of the time, I'm interested in the plain-language summary (for the ones I need the full-review I can go get that) and I have to download it manually and add it manually to Zotero every time
  • We probably won't, no, there's not metadata to speak of on that page, but it looks like right-click on the Save to Zotero icon --> Save to Zotero --> Save to Zotero (DOI) should work
  • Save to Zotero icon --> Save to Zotero --> Save to Zotero (DOI) does work to get the metadata, thanks.

    However, it does not get the PDF of the Plain Language Summary (doesn't get no PDF, actually)
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