Commenting bug?

edited 23 days ago
When writing a comment to a highlight, my cursor keeps repositioning itself at the start (top left) of the comments field. I write a few words, it skips back.
I had noticed this previously on occasion but seems to be much more pronounced in the latest update (I have 5.0.97-beta.17+6eed0876d). So much so, that it's all but impossible to comment on a highlight.
  • Seems that the (recently installed) Google Scholar Citations plugin was the problem. I have removed it and am back to regular behaviour.
  • Nope, spoke too soon. Back to the skipping behaviour. Anyone else seeing this?
  • Just to follow up, after restarting computer and Zotero, I am still seeing this behaviour. Workaround is to highlight then drag to a note where I can comment.
  • But of course, this workaround can't apply to sticky notes
  • We'll have a fix for this in the next beta.
  • Great, thanks for the update.
  • I have just installed the latest update and notice that commenting is fixed. Great stuff, thanks!
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