Duplicate Merging running slow on MacBook Air

I am doing a literature search for a systematic literature review and merging duplicates, however it is running so slowing that it is taking days to complete each database's search. Is there a way to speed this up? I have a MacBook Air - perhaps a harddisk? The Zotero version is
  • That doesn’t sound right. How big of a library are you talking about? And how large are your other libraries in your database?

    Can you go to the Advanced pane in Zotero preferences and click the Check Database Integrity button?
  • Hi,

    It says there are no errors in the databases when I check Intergrity. The library has 20000 sources at the moment with around 9000 duplicates.

  • Assuming you don't really mean "days", can you provide a Debug ID for clicking on Duplicate Items (from another collection)?
  • Hi,

    D355262297 Here is the ID

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