New Function needed for PDF Reader: Return to previous page/position

It is a very simple but useful function of A PDF Reader. Unfortunately, most pdf reader is not supported it expect of PDF expert.
When I read a paper, I click a reference hyperlink to jump into another page for a resource. When I finish reading the resource, I want to turn back with one clicking. It is very convience.
Can you add this function into the new pdf reader?
  • This already exists as a keyboard shortcut:

    Cmd-[ / Cmd-] (Mac)
    Cmd-ArrowLeft / Cmd-ArrowRight (Mac)
    Alt-ArrowLeft / Alt-ArrowRight (Windows, Linux)
    Ctrl-[ / Ctrl-] (Linux)

    There'll be a menu option for this in a future version.
  • great! Thank you.
  • Besides the button, adding a keyboard shortcut to the iPad version would be helpful, too. Thank you!
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