can't edit citations properly anymore - openoffice

not sure what's just happened. When I click in a citation field in openoffice, and click on the edit citation button, it doesn't show the proper citation in the window - instead it shows whatever list of references was last active.

This means I have to manually navigate in the citation window to the proper reference so I can edit it.

I'm using latest builds of everything, afaik.
  • hmm seems to work perfectly now after a reboot. Perhaps it was my imagination. It wouldn't show the reference when I clicked show editor, but now it does. Will keep an eye out for this in case it crops up again.
  • ok definitely not my imagination. Seems to happen randomly (though there may be some rhyme and reason to this bug, assuming it is a bug). The issue is that when I click on show editor, the white field, in which you can see and edit the citations, does not always appear. I can sometimes get around this by navigating to the proper reference in the title window of the add/edit citation window, and then clicking show editor. Or sometimes I can just re-add the reference and then edit it.
  • k i think i may have found a workaround. My references are organized into many different subcollections. If I navigate to the root directory in the left hand pane of the citation window, so it's on "my library", then it seems to pick up the reference without issue.
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