Zotero - wrong vers reported in Control Panel, Programs and Features

Windows 10: Control Panel -- Programs and Features:
Zotero shows the wrong version (5.0.94) instead of what's install (

Here's a Light shot screen capture, showing both the control panel version and the About Zotero screen: https://prnt.sc/11vj9dj

It's nothing earth shattering, but thought I'd let you know.
  • edited April 22, 2021
    Thanks — that's a known issue. (This is the old behavior of Firefox, on which Zotero is based, showing the version that you first installed. Firefox has since added updating of the version number on upgrade, but that's not available in Zotero yet.)
  • Thanks for the prompt response and clearing up the confusion. I'd have never guessed it was based on Firefox (I don't load Zotero in a browser). I knew I was using the most current (was never a concern), but showing as a different version in Control Panel - Programs, was a little odd. It's not a show-stopper. Thanks for what you do.
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