Sorting child notes

I'm attempting to sort child notes by date added. I have added the "date added" field and then click on the header to no avail. I have watched several videos and read numerous docs which all say the same. Yet when I do that, I still have some notes from April 7 at the top of the column and some notes from that date at the very bottom with notes from more recent dates in between. And some of those other notes are not sorted chronologically by time within the same date. I feel I'm missing one step here.
  • The columns don't have any effect on note sorting — notes always sort alphabetically by default. You can change extensions.zotero.sortNotesChronologically to true in the Config Editor in the Advanced pane of the Zotero preferences if you want to sort them by Date Added instead.

    (It works this way because many columns (e.g., Creator and Date) don't apply to notes, so there has to be a default sort. I could see an argument for treating the Date Added/Modified columns differently and otherwise (for Title or any other field) falling back to alphabetical sorting, but I'm not sure that sorting your library by Date Added/Modified necessarily means you want your child notes sorted differently.)
  • Thanks. That did it.
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