Zotero iOS (109 & 112) - Zotero no longer available on share sheet in iOS Safari

As of 109, and also with 112, I can no longer save to Zotero using the share extension in Safari. iOS 14.4.2, iPhone12Pro as well as iPad. Zotero is not available as an option, and can't be added by editing the available apps (it doesn't appear in the list anymore).

Workaround is to copy URL and add via Zotero web, since add by identifier is not available in iOS yet.

Anyone else noticing this?

Thanks for the great work, overall already much better than the now defunct Mendeley mobile experience.
  • I have noticed that iOS apps sometimes disappear from the share list after being updated. Restarting the iOS device (a full power off / on cycle) is the only workaround I have found when this occurs.

    Perhaps this will help in your case with Zotero.
  • Yeah, as far as we know this is an iOS bug — when we've seen it it's often involved multiple apps disappearing, and there are lots of reports online of missing apps in iOS 14. For what it's worth, we were seeing it much more with earlier versions of iOS 14 and haven't seen it lately.

    @tedeytan, you can try upgrading to iOS 14.5 to see if that helps.
  • Thank you both, indeed, Zotero is now back on the share sheet after the latest version of Zotero (113) and a reboot. It's still there after 14.5.

    I have seen this problem crop up with other apps as well, sometimes not appearing on iPad vs iPhone, etc.

    Thanks for acknowledging and most importantly, adding to the library from the share sheet works exceptionally well. Keep up the great work.

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