Connector trouble with webpage

I can't get this webpage into Zotero:

It is using the DOI translator, so it has probably picked up a DOI on the webpage, but I just want the web page itself, not a paper. Troubleshooting says I should only expect Zotero connector to work with supported sites, but what to do with unsupported sites now that the webpage item has been removed from Zotero? Help appreciated.
  • The webpage item hasn't been removed, that's a misunderstanding.
    You can add that page as a webpage by right-clicking (ctrl+clicking) on the Save to Zotero icon and select
    Save to Zotero --> Save to Zotero (Webpage with Snapshot) [or without Snapshot if that's what you want)
  • Thanks for the tip! I tried adding with the 'New Item' menu and didn't see 'web page' there (although in retrospect, I could have used 'blog post'). I didn't think to try right click—maybe the connector error message and/or the translator troubleshooter could mention that strategy.
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    There's no error message or troubleshooting here, because it's saving correctly using the DOI translator.
  • When I click the connector on that web page, I get a window pop-up that says "An error occurred while saving this item. See Troubleshooting Translator Issues for more information." The web page doesn't have a DOI. And no item appears in my Zotero library. So how is that saving correctly?

    Perhaps you thought that the connector showed a web page icon. It actually shows me a folder icon, and clicking it gives me that error message.
  • Oh, well, you didn't say you were getting an error — you just said it was using the DOI translator. That's an unrelated issue, though. The fact that you're getting an error with the DOI translator doesn't have any connection to the ability to right-click and choose other translators. (Single-result translators will also automatically fall back to secondary translators and webpage saving, but that's not appropriate in the context of the folder icon, and it similarly wouldn't be appropriate to suggest using right-click as a replacement.)

    For what it's worth, the DOI translator (which would normally show you a list of resolved DOIs, such that you could see that it was offering to save something different) is failing there for…complicated reasons. There's a Wiley URL in one of the comments that includes a DOI as part of the path, but with an "/abstract" suffix. A slash is unfortunately valid in the second part of a DOI, so when Zotero looks for a DOI, it includes the "/abstract", and the DOI lookup then fails. There's not a great solution there, other than perhaps automatically retrying a DOI lookup if there's an extra slash in it.
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