Web library: order of tags

The order of the tags regarding special characters (e.g. ., #, *,) differs from the order in the desktop version. Would it be possible to harmonize the ordering? Further, it would be great if the coloured tags appear on top of the list similar to the behavior in the desktop version.

Thank you
  • I believe tags in the tag selector have the same order as in the desktop version. When editing the tags, the order might indeed differ - will look into it.

    Coloured tags should already appear on top of the list in the tag selector, isn't that the case for you?
  • Sorry, I didn't talk about the tag selector but about the right pane and the listing of tags of the selected item. Only there, the tags have a different ordering.
  • edited April 19, 2021
    Tags in the tag editor are always sorted alphabetically by design - same as in the desktop version (but you're correct the sorting is off when dealing with some special characters and we will look into it)
  • We've released a small update for the web library and sorting in the tag editor should now match what you see in Zotero.
  • Yes, it does. Thank you for the fix!
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