iOS feature request: snapshots should be accessible in the same way as PDFs

edited April 18, 2021
1 There should be a snapshot icon in the list view like the PDF icon
2 Clicking on the list item should trigger their download
3 When downloaded, clicking on a list item should open the snapshot
4 Ideally, they should open in a frame like the PDF making it possible to view a snapshot and take Zotero notes at the same time

Reasoning: a user's reasons for consulting a snapshot would be the same as viewing a PDF which is currently immediately downloadable/available from the list view.
  • We'll improve the items list behavior.

    HTML annotation is likely a ways off, but we'll see what we can do for note-taking while viewing a snapshot.
  • I was looking for a similar feature, but for OS X. Currently, I have to switch back and forth between Zotero and my browser to annotate a snapshot. Would be great to be able to open them (as a pdf would be fine for me) within Zotero and annotate there.
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