Ebenda in Code


kann mir jemand sagen, was und wo ich in den Code eintragen muss, damit Zotero ebenda verwendet? Das hätte ich gern, wenn eine Quelle ein zweites Mal aufeinander folgt, sodass dann da ebenda und noch die Seitenzahl steht. Beispiel:
Vgl. Mustermann (2018), S. 11.
Vgl. ebd., S. 15.

Hier mein aktueller Code: https://pastebin.com/6Wu53rGp

Danke im Voraus!
  • Danke, aber das hilft mir leider nicht weiter, so genau kenn ich mich nicht aus um das auf meinen übertragen zu können, auch wie es dann auf deutsch gemacht werden muss.

    Über weitere Hilfe wäre ich sehr dankbar!
  • Look at lines 1324-1325, you can see there that it is checking if position="ibid-with-locator". Then later on it check for position="ibid", then position="subsequent", then otherwise. You can see in each section the specific formatting, including the ibid term
  • Thank you, if have seen this and tried to insert this section into my style but something always stays red in the code editor and doesn't work.
    Could you please tell me at wich line in my code I have to copy and insert the part of chicaco full note ?

    Many thanks in advance!
  • Add the code, upload it to a code sharing service and we'll point out the mistake.
    That way you'll also learn something. ;)
  • Yes, happy to take a look -- note that red in the code editor is normally just non-matching XML, so you can also check that every starting tag (no slash) has a corresponding closing tag (with forward slash)
  • https://pastebin.com/R7YtRDqN

    Here is my code, I added the part with ibid but I'm not sure whether its the right position. And the lines 136, 137 are red where I closed layout and citation.

    Would be very thankful for your help! And its a good chance for me to learn something :)
  • You're getting there.
    You put in an if and an else-if for the ibid conditions, now you want an else alternative where you pack in "normal" formatting if it's neither of the ibids.
  • https://pastebin.com/tJuyQEeP

    Maybe like this?
    Added , and in lines 121,137,138
  • Yep. Exactly.
    Now, using you'll want to check your style validates against the CSL scheme. https://validator.citationstyles.org/

    You'll see two errors.

    The first one is regarding the entry-spacing attribute you have with "". You can just delete the whole thing.

    The 2nd one is that you have a macro in your style that actually isn't used. So you can just delete that macro.

  • Hello,
    this is my problem, too.
    My Code: https://codeshare.io/29egLg
    I don't know, where I have to insert this "if position ibid......
    I would appreciate, if you help me.
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