Desktop suggestions - button to create parent item, display no. of items, open image attachments

I have 3 feature suggestions for Zotero for desktop.

The first is a button to create a parent item right from the "Item information" sidebar of an open PDF. Right now, when we open a PDF that's not attached to a parent item, that sidebar just shows a message saying, "No parent item", and we must go back to the main interface to create a parent item. It would be quicker and easier to just have a button right on that sidebar, and then we could immediately edit the information.!AjsmmAbO5Nonko0SynonOfbjBUWL0w?e=cFpsYV

The second is the option to display the number of items a collection has right next to its name, like the iOS app.!AjsmmAbO5NonkoxvdVekr_ts0pQOXQ?e=XzbgHB

The third is opening image attachments in a new tab inside Zotero, similar to PDFs. Without annotation capabilities, I suppose, but opening them like that would make for a more streamlined workflow, I think.
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