iOS bug - Collections content momentarily swapped

I encountered a bug today on the iOS app.

I had re-arranged some collections on the desktop (turning some collections into subcollections, changing some names, and moving some collections around).

When I then opened my Zotero app on my iPad, after it synced the new organization, I noticed some of the collections were showing the contents of the next collection or subcollection on the list, instead of their own contents (emphasis on "instead" and not "in addition of").

To illustrate:

Collection 1
- Subcollection 1
- Subcollection 2
Collection 2

Collection 1 was showing the contents from Subcollection 1, Subcollection 1 showed the contents of Subcollection 2, Subcollection 2 was showing the contents of Collection 2 and so on.

Restarting the app fixed it (that's why I don't have any screenshots), but I thought maybe I should still report it.

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