Chicago 17th Full Note and Short title

I'm writing on behalf of my friend @"Jayson Georges" since he is new to Zotero and I am his "guru" (yeah, poor guy).

Anyhow, he sent me this issue, and I didn't know how to respond, since I'm not familiar with Chicago.

"My advisor said that Chicago requires that *every reference* have at least a “short title”, even when it is the same as the previous reference (ibid). How would I get footnotes 22 and 23 to also show 'Anthropology'"?

20. Though prolific, Salazar's publications can be rendundant, so here we employ two publications: Noel B. Salazar, "Towards an Anthropology of Cultural Mobilities," Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture 1, no 1 (n.d.): 53-68 (a summary of his ethnographic field work in Tanzania); Noel B. Salazar, "Anthropology," in The Routledge Handbook of Mobilities, ed. Peter Adey et al. (New York: Routledge, 2014), 55-63 (his critical summary of anthropological approaches to [im]mobility.

21. Salazar, "Anthropology," 55.

22. Salazar, 59.

23. Salazar, 60.

24 Salazar, "Towards an Anthroplogy of Cultural Mobilities," 64.

25. Salazar, 56

26. Salazar, "Anthroplogy," 61.
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