Need help about tags in engines.json file

I write part of engines.json
"_name": "Trilium",
"_alias": "Trilium",
"_description": "Zotero Connected to Trilium notes: fulfil the part of URL in archive", //
"_icon": "",
"_hidden": false,
"_urlTemplate": "https://[your_domain]#root/{z:archive}", //⚠️replace this with your self hosted sever
"_urlParams": [],
"_urlNamespaces": {
"z": "",
"": ""
"_iconSourceURI": ""
It can make me know related note about the reference. But some features are limited.
It can't be related to muti-notes. And standalone notes can't be related. So I think there may be other great ideas?Maybe use the tags?
How can I write tags in engines.json just like {z:archive}. {z:tags}? Or I can't?
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