Error in retrieving metadata 1652458476

hi, zotero no longer retrieves metadata from PDF files .. I added diffrent files from my pc (book, article..) and the only thing displayed is "not indexed", I even tried with old files that zotero has already indexed 3 months ago but he could not index them again. i've verified the case automatically retrieve metadata from PDF and it's checked so i desinstalled and reinstalled it many times but it still not working.
  • [JavaScript Error: "C:\Program Files\Zotero\pdftotext.exe returned exit status 1" {file: "chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/utilities_internal.js" line: 771}]
    Is this an institutional computer, and/or are you running security software? This is due to security settings or software on your computer preventing Zotero's PDF tools from running.
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