Zotero- not extracting from many PDF files


I have recently joined to using Zotero. So far, my main issue is that it does not let me extract annotations from certain PDFs.

I have read many discussions on the forum saying these files are top items etc, however I do not know what to do with loads of PDFs that Zotero will not extract the annotations. Is there another add-in option to make this work please? I'll upgrade my Zotero storage based on this info. So, it would be very much appreciate if anyone has any suggestions please.

Thanks in advance!
  • If Zotero wasn't able to retrieve metadata for the PDFs, you'll need to create parent items manually before you can extract annotations. Read through that page to understand what to expect and how to handle PDFs that can't be recognized.
  • Hi,

    Thank you so much for responding so swiftly. I read the link and here is what happens;

    I tried to find the command for retrieving the metadata for PDFs but clicking on right, I was not able to see any option related to this. I also don't think I am doing this wrong (watched YouTube videos too :( ) but still have the same problem. Creating parent item option is also not working- it keeps me waiting although there is no running of it. I know it sounds like I am doing it wrong, which probably might end up being so, but couldn't figure out what that is yet!

    I would really appreciate if you walk me through this before I give up please!
  • What options are you getting on right-click? Any chance you're doing this on the web library (which doesn't have this option) instead of the desktop software?
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