How to change the citation style in Zotero note

When I insert the citation in the note, it shows `(Robert, 2019, p.23)`, But I would like to let it show `Robert, 2019: 23`. How can I do it?
  • You're using an author-date style that cites in brackets within the text.
    If you are looking for a footnote style you can pick one of the following:
  • Thanks and sorry, I try different styles, but it doesn't work on the citations of notes. Maybe my operating way is not right. I change the style following the actions below.
    Edit > Preferences > Cite > Style Manager > Choose one style > OK
  • I think this is about the citation style used for extracted notes in the beta. I don't believe that's customizable, at least not at this time.
  • Okay, thanks, I get it. I thought it can be changed.
  • Note that it is a sort of stand-in style. If you insert the note into a word document, citations will format according to the document citation style.
  • That's right — it's the same format you see in the preview in the citation dialog.
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