What's the real meaning of link

I know, link different references would help people understanding relationships. But the real meaning of link is to use it.
If I can't output (e.g. insert to word or other softwares) , what's the real meaning of this function? No use.
  • If you don't find the related feature useful, you don't have to use it. People find it useful for quickly navigating their library, either by connecting thematically related papers or e.g. by connecting chapters to the edited volume in which they're published, but it's absolutely possible to never use it (and I'd suspect and large number of Zotero users doesn't)
  • I use it actually, but it would be better to add export function.
  • If you have a feature request, don't phrase it as a question, just say so ;)
    What sort of export would you envision? How, e.g., would you expect this to work in Word?
  • Thanks. If I link the note with several references, it should under the reference item or other showing ways. Then, if I insert the note, better to provide the chance to insert a note following the related references citation.
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