Zotero in Google Doc doesn't work. Please help!

I've been citing and editing my Word file in Google Drive with Zotero.

However, out of the blue, it started not to allow me to edit any citation in that file. I'm still opening and editing that file from Google Drive.

Zotero tab didn't work and I couldn't find the way to re-connect the link automatically but manually.

I've tried the instruction below but nothing has worked.

Zotero integration is not available when editing Microsoft Word .docx files directly in Google Docs. Choose File → Save as Google Docs to enable this functionality.

If you want to transfer a Word document with Zotero citations to Google Docs, see Moving Documents Between Word Processors.


It is overly time consuming and I would like to find the efficient way to put them back together. It is so frustrating.

Please help!!
  • Opening a Word document directly in Google Drive has never worked with Zotero. You need to edit an actual native Google Doc.

    If you still have your original Word document with active Zotero citations, the instructions on the linked page will definitely work to convert your Word document into a native Google Doc.
  • Those are active for sure. But it didn't work, that's why I'm so frustrated
  • Again, you can't open a .docx in Google Drive and expect Zotero to work.

    If you're having a problem with the transfer instructions, you'll need to explain exactly what you're doing, step by step and in your own words, and explain what's happening.
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