comma in italics?

Dear Community,

I fear it may have been answered (to the negative) in an older discussion, but I'm unsure whether it is really the same case: in my citations, I would like the comma after the names of the authors to be in italics, just like the authors' names. I have tried using <group suffix=", " font-style="italic"> , however, it has had no effect.
I am aware that there are mixed opinions among typographers, whether that is even advisable – it is, however, the policy of the publisher. Is that at all achievable?

Thank you for your help!
  • I think you can work around this by creating two groups:
    <group font-style="italic">
    <group suffix=", ">
  • Once again I am impressed by your speed and resourcefulness! That seems to work just fine.
    Thank you very much.
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