How can I insert notes I written to Word?

I really like to write notes on Reference Manager, such as Citavi. Last year, I choose CItavi due to the feature ability to insert notes to word or other software. But now I'm planning to transfer to Zotero due to my operating system. How can I do it on Zotero?
For Eaxmple
In zotero, I insert a refer
Zhang, X. 2019. XXXX. Journal. Voluem
and I write “Zhang said xxxx”
I want to perform it on word like this.
Zhang said xxxx (Zhang, 2019)
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    Install the Zotero beta. It adds an “insert note” button to the Zotero Word tab.
  • I try it, But it doesn't insert notes following the reference and doesn't insert reference.
  • It inserts notes exactly as they are in Zotero, with any citations in the notes remaining as active citations in the word processor. If you want a citation, you can add it to the note within Zotero.

    We could consider adding an option to add a citation along with a child note even when a citation isn't present in the note. It's just not clear that automatic adding of citations would always be desired.
  • Thanks, it gives me a brand new idea to organize my reference
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