comsume power sooo quickly in macbook m1

using zotero beta,consume 10% in half an hour,is there anyone else having the same problem?
  • If you look at Activity Monitor, do you actually see high CPU or Energy usage from Zotero?

    If so, does it happen immediately after starting Zotero, or do you have to do something first before it happens?
  • I just started zotero chrome and pdf reader,it happend about 3hours after I started the above app,and I checked zotero energy usage which is 30+ higher than others ,chrome is about 10.then,the power was only 30%,so I close all program and charge the macbook until it fully charged.
    But the same situation happened ,so i shutdown and reset my macbook,which return to normal,run cold,power consume normally.
  • The question is about what you see in Activity Manager while you're using Zotero, though, particularly in the CPU tab. If there's a specific action after starting Zotero that causes the CPU or Energy usage to increase and stay elevated, we'd want to know what it is.
  • I will post a pic of activity manager next time it happen,it runs well currently,thank you for your reply.
  • Zotero has been using ~30% of CPU for a while. I haven't been doing anything on Zotero for more than 20 minutes. The "CPU Time" column on Activity Monitor says "33:49.59". Zotero uses 67 Threads.

    I then quit Zotero and relaunch it. As soon as possible, I click on the Activity Monitor and don't touch Zotero. Its CPU usage changes rapidly 45% -> 25% -> 72% -> 5% -> 9% -> 5% within a minute or so and stays at ~5% after that.

    For a while (~5 min), Zotero stays at ~5% and then ~4% and its "Threads" say 57. I haven't touched Zotero at all.

    Now I click on the title bar of Zotero. Its CPU use jumps up to 12% and comes down to 7% and stays there.

    I click on Activity Monitor again and then Zotero's CPU use goes down to ~4% and stays there. In the meanwhile its Threads goes down to 55.

    I then activate a webbrowser, go to a journal article, and click on the Zotero connector. Zotero's CPU jumps up, but eventually settles at 2.7% (record low) and then eventually comes back up to ~4%.

    . . . This is the result of an experiment. Zotero hasn't reproduced the initial 30%-CPU state. But, as an idol application, Zotero is the top CPU user on average.

    Zotero on a M1 mac mini with macOS 11.4.
  • @ryofurue: If you're mostly using Apple Silicon apps, Zotero as a Rosetta app may be a little higher.

    30% when idle is certainly not normal, though, and if you see that again you should open Help → Debug Output Logging → View Output to see if anything is happening.

    For the idle numbers, are you testing with the cursor in the search box? That will increase the idle usage due to the cursor flashing, which requires constant redrawing.

    On an M1 Mac Mini, I'm seeing Zotero use ~0.0% when idle as the frontmost app when the cursor isn't in the search box. With the cursor in the search box, it's ~3.5%.

    On a 16" Intel MBP, it's 0.0% not in the search box and ~1.9%–2.2% in it.

    In the background (which hides the cursor in the search box), Zotero uses 0.0% either way, even without App Nap kicking in.
  • @dstillman Thank you for your response!

    Yes, my report was for an M1 mac mini. As you say, on my Intel MacBook Pro, Zotero consumes ~0% CPU when in the background.

    No, the cursor position doesn't seem to have an impact upon CPU use. See below.

    I've further observed Zotero on my M1 mac mini.

    Launch Zotero and click on Activity Monitor right away. Zotero settles on 3.6–3.9% and stays there. (I do something else and from time to time look at Activity Monitor. I never bring Zotero to foreground.) While in the background, Zotero shows no cursor and so you can't tell where the cursor is.

    After more than 30 minutes, click on the title bar of Zotero and you find that the cursor is in the search box. I click somewhere else, like one of my collections. The cursor is no longer in the search box.

    I then click on other applications to send Zotero to the background again. Zotero goes back to 3.6–3.9%.

    That's today. Yesterday, I certainly saw Zotero staying at ~0%. I have no idea why that doesn't happen today. Zotero has stayed at ~4% for several hours.
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    Zotero is idle since this morning, after around 8 hours this is what the activity report gives:

    I have the Zotero PDF viewer activated, the CPU usage depends on how many tab I open but basically it oscillates between 20% and 40% CPU

    Edit to answer the first post: the CPU usage jump after opening the first PDF in Zotero
  • The Energy tab isn't that useful beyond relative measurements on your own computer (unless you're seeing high Energy numbers while the CPU is idle, which could indicate high GPU usage, but that's unlikely). The main information we'd be interested in is the CPU percentage when idle, without Zotero having an active (flashing) cursor.
    the CPU usage jump after opening the first PDF in Zotero
    Can you reproduce that reliably? Idle CPU usage is low, and then once you open a PDF, it jumps up and stays up when idle? Does it stay up after closing the PDF tab?

    (@ryofurue is using, which doesn't have the PDF reader.)
  • @dstillman Yes, the CPU usage is quite low without opening anything (2 % average I would say)

    After opening a first PDF it jumps at 25 % average and stays like that, If I open more it can go up to 35 % average.

    After closing the PDFs the CPU usage is reduced but do not come back to 2 %. it stays at around 15 %.

    I tried fullscreen or minimising to see if it could change anything but nothing is helping
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