Covidence import not matching Zotero library

I have a group library in Zotero that I'm trying to export to Covidence. The library holds 2535 records, but only 2532 make it in to Covidence (2508 added to screen, 24 duplicates). I've tried exporting and importing multiple times but am getting the same number each time. Any idea what's happening, or how I can fix it?
Thank you!

MacOS 10.15.7
  • Did you get any help with this? I am having a similar issue right now!
  • How are you exporting? RIS?
  • Two things to check:
    1. Open in a text editor (notepad++, TextEdit, Atom) and search for TY -
    If the number of TYs found is equivalent to the number of items in your Library, the problem is on the Covidence end
    2. If it isn't, sort by item type in Zotero. Check if there are any standalone notes or attachments. Neither of those are exported to RIS.
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