[solved] Problems with word plugin 3.0a1.

I was just updating the zotero plug-in for MS Word 2007 on an xp system with the newest firefox and zotero version. The plugin loads normally and the buttons appear. But when I click a button to insert a citation then a new firefox windows is opening. And this is happen for each new citation. so after inserting 7 new citation i have 7 new firefox windows. This is a littel bit annoying.
I tried reinstalling the Word plugin but that didn't help.
I hope there is anybody out there who can help me.
  • cumuluss, is there anything odd about your configuration? Do you have any other Firefox extensions installed? Did you open Firefox with any command-line options?
  • Thank you simon for your answer. Yes i have some extension installed. Tab-Mix-plus, foxy Proxy and session manager for instance. But I haven't any command line options. With this configuration I had no problems yet.
  • Can you try disabling everything but the Zotero-related extensions and see if the problem still appears?
  • Simon you are great. This was a terrific suggestion. I disabled one after another. And i get the one which was the responsible for this problem. It was the MinimizeToTray For FF 3.5 v1.5.
    Brilliant! Thanks a lot for your fast and most unerring help.
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