Feature request: Ignore marked text when "Add Note" invoked

Thanks for the great work on the new note editor and "Add Note" feature for the word processor integration. This is one excellent feature of Nota Bene that I have long hoped would be added to Zotero.
Would it be possible to provide a config option to tweak a setting in ProseMirror to ignore text marked in a certain way (similar to the ":ignore:" tag in org-mode but perhaps simpler - e.g: preceded by "%" or "#") in the note when "Add Note" is invoked in the word processor?
This would allow the user to add a title heading and custom fields such as "status" to the note without these being transferred to the word processor.
I am afraid I have only glanced at the ProseMirror guide and reference manual so far so I don't know if this would be a "ParseRule interface" tweak or whatever.
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