Beta PDF reader- notetaking

The beta Zotero is terrific. It's been very stable for me and immensely productive. I didn't do that much note taking before, but am now using it heavily because of the integration with the PDF reader. Two things would make a big difference to me.

1. Highlighting inside of notes would be very helpful. This would be especially helpful in Groups when are reading each other's notes in preparation for meetings.
2. Multi-level numbering (e.g., 1.1. etc.). I take extensive notes and typically use multi-level numbering to organize them. For instance, I now write my journal reviews inside Zotero, which would be greatly facilitated by this ability.

Thanks! Tom

  • 1. Highlighting inside of notes would be very helpful.
    Background color options will be added back soon.
    2. Multi-level numbering (e.g., 1.1. etc.).
    Multi-part numbers like that aren't supported, but note that nested listed are certainly supported — you just need to press Tab or Shift-Tab to indent/unindent a line.
  • Thanks very much!

    1. That's great about the background colors/highlighting

    2. It's a shame about the multi-level/multi-part numbering, but what I just realized is that when notes are added to a Word document, Word is able to convert the nested structure into a multi-part/multi-level numbering. (This is really a comment for anyone else wondering about the same thing or who might search on this at some point.)
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    Currently, in my LibreOffice on Linux, tab indents are rendered by "Add Note" with ampersand and "nbsp";
  • This is about numbered lists, not indents.
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