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  • Hi
    I've set up an RTF file with these two lines:
    {Kavanagh, 2019}
    {Tocqueville, "Democracy in America, Volume 1", 1835}
    I typed in the first line and I copied the second one over from Zotero (after setting the default export format as RTF Scan) using cmd-shift-C (I've a Mac).

    I then ran Tools>RTF scan, which converted the first citation but not the second, giving me:
    (Miscione and Kavanagh 2019)
    {Tocqueville, "Democracy in America, Volume 1", 1835}
    Miscione, G. and Kavanagh, D. (2019). A claim upon what? Cryptocurrencies as
    ‘scene’. In: L. Dobusch, G. von Krogh, and R. Whittington (eds.). 2019, Edinburgh,

    Why might this be? Why wasn't the second citation converted?
  • I would guess that the comma in the title is breaking this. That will need to be fixed, but if you just remove the title, it should work.
  • Thanks, but I've tried another one without a comma and I get the same issue:
    (Kavanagh et al. 2019)
    {Owen, "A New View of Society and Other Writings", 1815}

    Kavanagh, D., Miscione, G. and Ennis, P. (2019). ‘The Bitcoin Game: Ethno-Resonance as Method’. Organization. 26 (4): 517–36.

  • And if you remove the title part?
  • Thanks
    Yes, if I remove the title part it works, but the webpage on RTF Scan (https://www.zotero.org/support/rtf_scan) indicates that including the title shouldn't be a problem.

    Thanks again.
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