Zotfile, dropbox folder missing

Hi guys! I have been reading quite a few posts about using Zotero on two computers, relative paths and such. However I can't find an exact similar problem to what I am having.

I had Zotero installed in PC1, with Zotfile custome location of my pdfs set to /home/USER/Dropbox/zotero-library

I got a new computer at work, where I installed Zotero and synced my account. I used that computer since. Last week I returned that computer, loging off of Zotero and removing all files.

Now I am on PC1 again and Zotero can't find the attachments. The thing is when the error message pops up and I use the search button to find the files, I can't see the Dropbox folder listed in /home/USER/ (though the folder IS there and I can access the pdfs manually from outside Zotero).

When I open ZotFile preferences, custom location is set to /home/USER/Dropbox/zotero-library, but with a red ( ! ). Again, when I try to search for the path, I can't see the Dropbox folder in /home/USER.

Any ideas on whay may be happening? Thanks for the support!
  • You're using a third-party Linux package that uses sandboxing. You can override the sandbox, but we can only provide support for the official tarball from this site or the lightweight zotero-deb packages maintained by a trusted community member, neither of which use sandboxing.
  • Thanks dstillman for the quick answer. I am not sure what you mean with the third-party Linux package that I am using, do you mind explaining what you are referring to?
  • You're using an unofficial version of Zotero that's not from this site. We don't have anything to do with it and can't help you with it.

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