Zotfile extraction stopped working

I was still using the zotfile extract annotations despite the new pdf reader beta as I had altered the configuration preferences to output something a bit more aesthetically pleasing (from here: https://forum.zettlr.com/discussion/94/zotero-as-zettelkasten).

It was working fine but now stalls with a red cross next to the usual zotfile pop up, bottom right. Everything else with zotfile is working fine.

Any ideas what the problem might be?
  • Zotfile hasn't been updated to work with the new PDF Reader, and you should generally assume that all of its file moving and note-related functionality will be broken with it.
  • Actually, all the file moving and note-related functionality seems to be in tact and the extraction was working in a previous beta.
  • That’s not the case. Converting files from stored to link loses Zotero annotations. Annotation extraction has not generally worked at any point in My Library once the PDF reader was introduced.
  • Ah I'm not linking to files at all but I'm sure the extraction was working up until very recently. I might have my wires crossed though.
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