How are duplicates identified? By title only?

I would like to better understand which items end up in my duplicate folders and why. In many cases, books are actually volumes of the same dictionary or different editions of a work of the same title. So it seems that ZOTERO is only really comparing titles?

The larger a library gets, the more difficult it is to distinguish "real" duplicates from reprints you might want to keep as separate items etc.

It there a way to remove "rejected duplicates" from the duplicate folder?

What I am doing now is to tag duplicates I want to keep with some tag and use a colour to highlight these items so that I avoid checking all them twice.

Thanks for any other advice you can offer.
  • Zotero currently uses the the title, DOI, and ISBN fields to determine duplicates. If these fields match (or are absent), Zotero also compares the years of publication (if they are within a year of each other) and author/creator lists (if at least one author last name plus first initial matches) to determine duplicates. The algorithm will be improved in the future to incorporate other fields.

    At this time, it is not possible to mark false positive matches as non-duplicates. This functionality will be added in the future.

    Note that duplicate detection only works within a library. Items in different group libraries are separate items. They won't show up in the “Duplicate Items” collection of any one of the libraries.
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